sábado, 30 de abril de 2016

Carteles y filmografía de la Hammer Films 1953- 1954

1953 -

Man in hiding (AKA Mantrap)

Bad Blonde (AKA The Flanagan Boy)

Four sided triangle


Blood Orange (AKA 3 stops to murder)

The Saint´s Return (AKA The Saint Girl Friday)

36 Hours (AKA Terror Street)
36 Horas Culpable

1954 -                                                                                                   

Face the music (AKA The Black Glove)

Murder by proxy (AKA Blackout)

The House across the lake (AKA heat wave)

Life with the lyons

Five days (AKA Paid to kill)

The Unholy four (AKA The Stranger came home)

Third party risk (AKA Deadly game)

Men of Sherwood forest
Los hombres del bosque de Sherwood

Mask of dust

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