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Carteles y filmografía de Hammer Films 1972- 1979

1972 - 

Nearest and Dearest

Vampire circus

Mutiny on the buses

Dracula A.D. 1972

Straight on till morning
Y después, sin parar, hasta el final

Fear in the night
Miedo en la noche

Demons of the mind
Demonios de la mente

That´s your funeral

1973 -

Man at the top

Love thy neighbour

The satanic rites of Dracula  (AKA   Count Dracula and his vampire bride)

Holiday on the buses

1974 -

Shatter  (AKA Call him MISTER Shatter!)

Captain Kronos : vampire hunter
Capitán Kronos : cazador de vampiros

Frankenstein and the monster from hell

The legend of the 7 golden vampires  (AKA  The 7 brothers meet Dracula)

Man about the house

1976 -

"To the devil...a daughter"
La monja poseída 

1979 - 

The Lady vanishes
La dama del expreso

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