sábado, 30 de abril de 2016

Carteles y filmografía de Hammer Films 1960- 1962

1960 - 

Never take sweets from a stranger 

Hell is a city

Brides of Dracula 

The two faces of Dr. Jekyll (AKA  Jekyll´s inferno)
Las dos caras del Dr. Jekyll

The full treatment (AKA Stop me before i kill)
La muerte llega de noche

Sword of Sherwood forest
El arquero del bosque de Sherwood

1961 - 

Visa to Canton (AKA Passport to China)

Taste of fear
El sabor del miedo

A weekend with Lulu

The shadow of the cat 

The curse of the werewolf

Watch it sailor

Cash on demand

1962 - 

The pirates of blood river

Captain Clegg (AKA Night Creatures)

The phantom of the opera

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