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Carteles y filmografía de la Hammer Films 1955- 1959

1955 -

The Lyons in Paris

The Glass Cage (AKA The Glass Tomb)

Break in the Circle

1956 -  

X... The Unknown
Lo desconocido

Women without Men ( AKA Blonde Bait)

1957 -

The curse of Frankenstein

The Steel Bayonet

Quatermass 2 (AKA Enemy from Space)
El experimento del Dr. Quatermmas 2

The abominable snowmam (AKA  The abominable snowmam of the Himalayas)
El abominable hombre de las nieves

1958 -

The camp on blood island

The revenge of Frankenstein 

The Snorkel
La máscara submarina

Further up the creek !

I only arsked!

1959 -

The Hound of the Baskervilles

Ten seconds to Hell (AKA The phoenix)
A diez segundos del infierno

The man who could cheat death

Yesterday ´s  Enemy
Ayer enemigos

The mummy

The ugly duckling

Dont´t panic chaps !

The stranglers of Bombay
Los estranguladores de Bombay

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